Mississauga Passport Office: Easy to Follow Maps & Directions

Renewals and New Application Dropoff Mississauga

Firstly, please bookmark this page, or come back to it after you go to the office and comment on YOUR Experiences with lineups, service times, wait times, whether you should hide your Tim Hortons before you try to go in and all that jazz that you think you would've liked to know before you went.

Secondly, I'd like to differentiate between the different types of offices.

There are full-blown Passport Canada Offices, Receiving Agents and Canada Post Offices. The Passport Canada Offices are the ones that do everything. They'll do rush applications, you can pick up your passport from the office instead of getting it mailed to you, they can accept forms without guarantors (if you got the declaration done) and they'll probably know what's going on and be able to answer your questions better. These are the places where they aim to finish regular un-rushed passport applications in under 2 weeks. This location took 7 calendar days for mine.

Receiving Agents and Canada Post Offices are little better than mailing in your application. They might speed up your application by a week (from like 6 weeks to 5 weeks). Canada Post even makes you pay $25 extra. The advantage is that you can actually get away with not mailing away all of your important identity documents for 5 weeks if you follow the process I documented here.

The Mississauga Passport Office is the FULL SERVICE PASSPORT CANADA OFFICE type.

My experience @ Passport Canada Mississauga

I went to the Mississauga Passport Canada Office on 377 Burnhamthorpe Road East . This office is in the 2nd level of a shopping mall that has a Food Basics in it. Don't bother looking for the "377" sign, I couldn't find it, just look for the shopping plaza at the street corner, and park at the corner entrance by the Gino's pizza. Go inside, go up the stairs from there and follow the directions.


Maps & Directions To This Location:

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Passport Canada
Suite 116, 2nd Floor
Central Parkway Mall
377 Burnhamthorpe Road East
Mississauga, ON
Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 16:30


My son just turned 16

Does my son need to have a passport to travel to the U.S. if he has just turned 16 on July 31st? In the past I have used his birth certificate, I do have a passport...please send me some info on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


son just turned 16

Yes you will need a passport for him and if you are going in person to apply for one he has to be with you. He is now considered an Adult by Passport Canada and he needs extra documentation, when my son turned 16 and we went to Europe I actually had to get his L (driver's licence) and a credit card in his name for his to prove his identity!
It was a completely frustrating experience, we ended up going back and forth 3 times before they would accept the I.D. we had for him! I wish you luck!

I lost my birth certificate

I lost my birth certificate and it will take to long to get a new one before i go away for school. If my passport isn't expired yet, can I use that as proof of my canadian citizenship?

Hi, my friend has a Canadian

Hi, my friend has a Canadian passport that expired in 2001. She is born in Canada and lived/resident in Canada, Ontario all her life. Can she fill out the Simplified Renewal Passport Application to get her passport renewed?

Passport Application


Do Mississauga office accept passport application in person ?
How much extra charge will be applied if i come to drope my passport application at Mississauga office ? How about the pick-up service ?
Let me know please.


can I go to the Mississauga Passport office at Central Parkway

Is it possible to wait for your passport at Mississauga office in Central Parkway Mall?

If you had a Canadian

If you had a Canadian passport, but it is expired, then you can go with the simplified renewal procedure, which cuts down on the paperwork. If you mail it in, it will take about 4 or 5 weeks to get your passport if approved.

If you need a passport more quickly, then fill out the Epass application, and you can personally present yourself to the passport office (like the Mississauga one) and get your passport in under 2 weeks, and not have to wait in line.

passport renewal?

my boyfriend and i are planning to go to Cuba in February. The last time i traveled and had to use my passport i went to the Philippines and traveled on my Filipino passport (which has been expired since Dec. 2006). While i was gone she had completed my citizenship application while i was away. So my question is .. would i have to apply for a completely new passport or would i just renew it? what documents would i have to bring and how long will it take to process and obtain my new one? Please reply =)

If my daughter (age 18)

If my daughter (age 18) fills out all pertinent information, signs and attaches photo, would l (her mother) be able to hand in and pick up her passport? She is attending University and is planning on leaving the country in Feb/09 during reading week. 43

Yes, but only under the

Yes, but only under the conditions stated here: Who can submit a passport application on my behalf?