Richmond BC Passport Office: Maps & Directions

Canadian Passport Renewals and New Application Office in Richmond BC

There are different types of passport offices that you can apply for or renew your Canadian Passport.

There are Passport Canada Offices, Receiving Agents and the Post Offices. The Official Passport Canada Offices are the ones that can do everything for you. They can do urgent/express applications, they can accept those "in lieu of guarantor" forms and they likely have an all round better idea of what's going on, since passports is all they do. The Richmond BC Passport Office is the full-service Passport Canada Office type. Though the two services they don't have are "urgent" service and you cannot pickup your passport at the office, you'll have to have it mailed to you, or pick it up at the Vancouver office. If yo They do still offer the "Express" service. If you drop off your application at the Richmond office, you should expect your passport in 2 weeks or less (as of November 2010). The very busy Mississauga Ontario Passport Location took just seven calendar days for mine during their huge rush a couple years ago.

The Richmond BC Passport Canada Office is just south of the Landsdowne Park Mall, so you might have better luck parking there at the south-east corner and just walking to the passport office.

Maps & Directions To Richmond BC Passport Office:

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Suite 310
5611 Cooney Road
Richmond, BC
Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


What do me and my wife need

What do me and my wife need to do to renew a passport do we need pictures and would it be better to have pictures when we came to renew passport THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP A RANSOM

Is this office works till

Is this office works till 8PM , If i have to drop application till what time i can drop