Vancouver BC Passport Office: Maps & Directions For a Quick Drive!

Renewals and New Application Dropoff in Vancouver British Columbia

Firstly, press Ctrl-D to Bookmark this page and come back to comment with YOUR Experiences on the Vancouver Passport Canada lineups, PLACES TO PARK, service, waits, whether you should hide the Starbucks that you bought or not and anything that you think you would've liked to have known about BEFORE driving for potentially hours to the location.

Secondly, The differences between types of offices that you can apply for or renew your Canadian Passport.

There are the Official Passport Canada Offices, Receiving Agents and Canada Post Offices. The Official Passport Canada Offices are the ones that, here it comes, do everything. They'll do rush applications, they can accept forms without guarantors (if you got the declaration done first!) and they'll probably know what's going on and be able to answer your questions better. That's not to say that the other office types are bad, but passports just isn't the core function of these other offices. These Official Passport Offices (like the Vancouver one that I'm talking about today) are the places where they aim to finish regular un-rushed passport applications in under 2 weeks. The very busy Mississauga Ontario Passport Location took just seven calendar days for mine.

Receiving Agents and Canada Post Offices are only a little better than mailing in your application. They might speed up your application by not even a week. As of March 17, 2008, Passport Canada says that both the Receiving Agents and Canada Post take about 4 weeks to complete your passport, and they also quote 4 weeks for mail-in applications. Canada Post even makes you pay $25 extra. The advantage is that you can actually get away with not mailing away all of your important identity documents for 5 weeks if you follow the process I documented here.

The Vancouver Passport Canada Location is the OFFICIAL PASSPORT CANADA type of office.

Maps & Directions To Vancouver Location:

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Suite 200
Sinclair Centre
757 Hastings Street West
Vancouver, BC
Mon-Fri: 7:30 - 16:30


Is the Vancouver passport office open during the Olympics?

Is the Vancouver passport office open during the Olympics?
Thank you.