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Windsor Passport Canada Office

Just like London, Windsor has just one Passport Canada Office. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's all about how well staffed that one location is!

Also, there are different types of Passport Canada offices, and the one in Windsor is actually the good kind, the kind that can do rush passports and all that. There are other kinds of offices that are barely a step above mailing your passport in. Bringing your passport to the type of office that is in Windsor should get you your passport in about 2 weeks (no guarantees though!).

Passport Canada Lineups - Could get bad in Windsor

Now, I've never really gone to the Windsor office, but I have the feeling that it is going to become a busier place in future months. Starting June 2009, all Canadians will need their passport just to drive across the border, and I see this being a big thing for those in Windsor, whom I presume have been used to driving across the border all the time with just their birth certificate or citizenship card and driver's license, but that won't be anymore. Obviously, this has less of an impact on Canadians that live far from the border, but for those from Windsor...

As of November 2008 (at a time when I'm sure many are getting their passports for Christmas vacations), Passport Canada is reporting a 2 week wait when presenting your application at a counter (like the office in Windsor), and 4 weeks otherwise. But a little food for thought, I went to the counter and got my passport in 7 calendar days, when the reported wait was 4 weeks, and I didn't even pay anything extra.

Anyways, Passport Canada sure has improved their efficiency and applications process, including a new semi-electronic application (ie: you fill it out all at home, but still personally appear at the office), for which they let you skip the entire lineup for doing their work for them. But even if you don't use that, they've definitely sped things up very nicely from when they were practically in the newspaper daily. But the lesson is, don't procrastinate!

Also, though the Windsor office may get busy, I don't think it'll have quite as major an effect on the whole Passport Canada System.

Anyways, here's the map and hours of the Windsor Passport Canada office.

I believe you can also use it to lookup directions to that location.

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Passport Canada
CIBC Building
Suite 503
100 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor ON

Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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